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Why Yoga?

Because our mental story follows our biological state. And yoga is uniquely qualified to reorganize our biological state.

Because we need to keep the energy of pain moving.

Because hope also lives in the body.

Because grief is biopsychosocial.

Because our bodies respond to loss and sadness regardless of how we think we "should" feel.

Because 80 percent of our instinctive sensations are communicated from our organs to the brain.

Because our sense of well-being is not dependent on things being well.

Because when we support our bodies, we support our minds.

Because we don't have to do this alone.

This is The Other Way to Grieve: An invitation to acknowledge we can both move with our grief and be moved by our grief with the right kind of internal and external support.

Founded on the science of human healing and connection, we respect the body's pace and instincts while curiously exploring the many different ways we can support and make space for our experience of loss and being human.

All proceeds will be applied towards the two community grants for the Move With Grief retreat. These grants are for members of equity-deserving groups facing financial barriers.

You can expect movement that is self-paced and accessible and somatic inquiry that is curious and compassionate.

Simply enter the amount you'd like to donate. The Zoom link will be on your receipt and it will also be emailed to you the day before the class.

Led by Monique Minahan, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Trauma-Informed yoga teacher, Author of The Grief Practice.

Send any questions to thegriefpractice@gmail.com.


*This class is not intended to replace or directly provide mental health treatment. The practices and care provided during this class are not a replacement for therapy and other medical interventions. 

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